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DAF Radio Holiday Shopping Guide 2014

So it’s the 2014 Holiday Season and you want ideas on what to buy that Disney Afternerd in your life but are not sure what the best gift ideas are? Have no fear, the DAF Radio Holiday Shopping Guide 2014 is here! We’ll help guide you to the best Disney Afternoon based gifts online and in stores this Holiday Season.

While there may not be as much merchandise from our favorite Disney Afternoon shows as there was in the 1980’s and 90’s when these shows were brand new, there are still a number great new merchandise to buy today that has been produced for fans of these classic shows.

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DAF Retro Review: DARKWING DUCK: Episode 3 – ‘Beauty and the Beet’

Don't let their glasses fool you, these guys are not the sharpest crayons in the pack!Neverland Podcast Host Jeremy takes a look back at the Bushroot origin story from Darkwing Duck in, “Beauty and the Beet”.

Original Broadcast: 9 September 1991 (USA)

Director:Writer: John Behnke, Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson / Cast: Jim Cummings, Dave Thomas S. Scott Bullock, Jennifer Darling, Tino Insana, Terence McGovern, Frank Welker

Dr. Reggie Bushroot, after being unfairly fired from his research job at St. Canard University, experiments on himself becoming a plant/duck hybrid. Set on revenge against his tormentors, Bushroot will battle anyone who stands in his way. Will Darkwing Duck be able to stop Dr. Bushroot from his villainous reign of terror?

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Podcast Delay; Call In For Christmas

The next episode of DAF Radio, Episode 7, will be delayed until next week. Disney Afternerds can enjoy the newest One Shot while they wait for episode 7, the full audio from the Disney Afternoon panel from Long Beach Comic Con 2014. In the meantime, US fans that would like to be part of our up-coming Christmas show can now call into our new voice mail at (818) 533-1298 and leave a holiday message. Our favorite fan Holiday messages will be used for the Christmas show that will be coming in just a few weeks. Just leave your name and what your Disney Afternoon Christmas/Holiday wish is for 2014.