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DW Omnibus Release Date Pushed Back

The quasi-offical Darkwing Duck: The Comic Series page on Facebook is reporting that the up-coming Darkwing Duck Omnibus has been pushed back a few weeks to February 11, 2015, however is showing a February 24, 2015 release date. We will do our best to figure out the released date mess, but sometime next month fans should be able to enjoy reading the exploits of their favorite masked mallard once again.

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New DA DVDs Hit Retail Today

DA DVD at Target 2-13-15Today is the day that the new Disney Afternoon titles on DVD are released in general retail in the United States. They remain available at local Walt-Mart stores, and now have been spotted at other brick-and-mortar and internet based stores. DuckTales: The Movie and TaleSpin: Volume 3 have already been spotted at a local Target store in Culver City, CA for $9.99 each as shown in the attached image.

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DAF Radio: LIVE! This February in CA

Join DAF Radio Head Host Jason Schlierman as he takes a special look back at 25 years of the Disney Afternoon and the hit show TaleSpin. Joining Jason is TaleSpin co-creator Jymn Magon, character designer Len Smith and song writers Michael and Patty Silversher. Fun for the whole family, DAF Radio: LIVE! Showcases the best from the early years of Disney TV Animation and takes a fun look at the animation process.

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‘Goslyn’ Voice Actress Passes Away

This isn’t the kind of news we like to share at the end of a year, but it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of voice actress Christine Cavanaugh on December 22, 2014. Known for playing such animated roles as Dexter from Dexters Laboratory and Chuckie Pickles from Rugrats, Disney Afternerds will always remember her first as the voice of Darkwing Duck’s adoptive daughter Goslyn, playing the role both on Darkwing Duck and Raw Toonage. Besides her role as Goslyn, Ms. Cavanaugh also served as a voice actress on a number of other Disney TV Animated shows including Aladdin: The Series, Recess, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, The Weekenders and Hercules. To read more about her amazing life and to leave a remembrance for her, please visit her obituary on LA

DAF Retro Review: TALESPIN: Episode 43 – ‘Jolly Molly Christmas’

All I want for Christmas...Head Host Jason takes a look back at the beloved Christmas classic from TaleSpin, “Jolly Molly Christmas”.

Original Broadcast: 20 December 1990 (USA)

Director: James Tim Walker Writer: Libby Hinson / Cast: Ed Gilbert, Janna Michaels, Alan Roberts, Sally Struthers, Pat Fraley, Jim Cummings

Hearing her mother’s Christmas wish, all little Molly Cunningham wants Santa Claus to bring this year is snow to make her mom happy. After some misadventures with Baloo and Kit, Molly’s faith in Santa and Christmas is tested. Will her Christmas wish be granted and can she hold on to her faith?

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