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DAF Retro Review: DuckTales: Episode 10 – ‘Robot Robbers’

DuckTales Robot RobbersDAF Retro Review Special Contributor Nate takes a look back at the classic episode from DuckTales, “Robot Robbers”.

Original Broadcast: 25 September 1987 (USA)

Director: Alan Zaslove / Writer: Carl Barks (story), Michael Keyes / Cast:  Alan Young, Peter Cullen, June Foray, Chuck McCann, Terence McGovern, Hal Smith

Scrooge McDuck learns that he has lost a construction bid to Flintheart Glomgold who has commissioned Gyro Gearloose to invent a team of giant human(or duck)-operated construction robots. When Ma Beagle and her Beagle Boys hijack the robots, Scrooge and Flintheart must temporarily unite to stop the robbers from wreaking havoc on Duckburg. Adapted from the original 1965 Carl Barks comic entitled “The Giant Robot Robbers.”

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DAF Radio: Episode One

The Origin Show! Disney Afternoon Forever Episode 1, born out of Open Vault Disney. The future of DAF and Disney releases, Disney Afternoon Avenue and Disney Adventures Magazine: A Look Back & Fan Answers!

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Podcast Coming Later Today

DAF Radio Ad 3In the final crunch to get out the best possible version of our pilot episode produced, our podcast has been delayed by two days from when it was meant to be launched. The good news, however, is that today is day two of that delay, so expect the World Premier of our pilot episode later today (7/24/14). After that, new episodes will come out every two weeks on Tuesdays, starting on August 7, 2014 and going froward to the end of our first season. Till we finally put up our pilot episode on this website later today, we thought we’d give you a little tease from what to expect for episode two…

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New Carl Barks Doc Needs Fan Help on Indigo

A new documentary about Donald Duck comic book guru Carl Barks is in production and needs help with funding. Bark’s comics, as most Disney Afternoon fans know, was the basis for the very popular Disney Afternoon show DuckTales. The film is directed by Geoffroy Koeberle, who served as assistant director on such big Hollywood movies such as Transcendence and Transformers: Age of Extinction, and popular actor John Goodman is set to star as narrator for the film. Currently in need of $33,000 for production costs, the film producers have turned to the fans to help fund the project. For more information or to donate, please visit the official Carl Barks: The Duck Man Indigo page HERE.