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DAF Retro Review: CHIP ‘N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS: Episode 22 – ‘Ghost of a Chance’

Who is that mysterious mouse?DAF Retro Review Special Contributor Chris takes a look back at the classic Rescue Rangers episode, “Ghost of a Chance”.

Original Broadcast: 10 October 1989 (USA)

Director: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni Writer: Art Cover, Bryce Malek, Lydia Marano / Cast: Corey Burton, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille

Hot on his trail, the Rescue Rangers have come to London, England to stop Fat Cat, who has developed a plan to steal the Crown Jewels of Britain from the Tower of London. Once in England, the Rescue Rangers encounter a ghost of one of Monterey Jack’s ancestors and discover that Monterey has to perform one brave deed in order to allow his ancestor’s spirit to rest. Can Monterey help his departed family member while helping the team defeat Fat Cat in time?

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Voice Director Ginny McSwain Next on DAF Radio

Next week we are pleased to present an interview with former Disney TV Animation voice director Ginny McSwain! Ginny was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about her days work on the Disney Afternoon-era TV shows and her favorite experiences working at Disney TV Animation. Make sure you don’t miss it! While you wait, enjoy an exclusive picture from our interview below.

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‘TaleSpin’ Director Larry Latham Passed Away

We just received the sad news that former TaleSpin director Larry Latham has passed away on November 2, 2014 from a fight with cancer. His wife Kelly Reynolds broke the news on Larry’s website earlier today. Larry worked on a number of animated projects over the years, both Disney and non-Disney titles. At Disney TV Animation, his credits included work on such shows as Gummi Bears, Raw Toonage, Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers as well as others. Besides the directors chair, Larry served as part of various storyboard departments and as producers of various shows. To learn more about Larry or to enjoy his long running webcomic “Lovecraft is Missing”, be sure to visit his website