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DAF Retro Review: CHIP ‘N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS: Episode 4 – ‘Flash The Wonder Dog’

Flash The Wonder Dog and some new friendsDAF Retro Review Special Contributor Chris takes a look back at the classic Rescue Rangers episode, “Flash The Wonder Dog”.

Original Broadcast: 19 March 1989 (USA)

Director: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni, Alan Zaslove (supervising director)/ Writer: Buzz Dixon (story/teleplay), David Wise (teleplay) / Cast:  Corey Burton, Tress MacNeille, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen

To make the beloved television star Flash the Wonder Dog look bad, Fat Cat and his gang of henchmen disguise themselves to look like him and perform random acts of badness. Soon after the town sees Flash as a ‘bad dog’, the studio replaces him with his feathered sidekick, Conrad. While these events are taking place, Dale gets a sad but surprising meeting with his TV hero, only to discover the difference between fact and fiction. Can the Rescue Rangers save the day?

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DAF Radio Now On iTunes

DAF Radio iTunesFans of our new podcast DAF Radio are in for a treat. The show is now officially listed on iTunes. The move should open up the show to a much larger audience and allow fans one more major platform on which to enjoy it. Click HERE to be taken to the DAF Radio iTunes listing, where all current episodes and promos are available for free download. Also be sure to catch our next episode on 2 September 2014 as we interview Disney Afternoon producer Mark Zaslove.

DAF Retro Review: TALESPIN: Episode 18 – ‘The Golden Sprocket of Friendship’

Ballo, Kit and Dunder selling Hot Dogs.DAF Retro Review Special Contributor Michael takes a look back at the classic episode from TaleSpin, “The Golden Sprocket of Friendship”.

Original Broadcast: 27 September 1990 (USA)

Director: Larry Latham / Writer: Stephen Sustarsic / Cast:   Ed Gilbert, Alan Roberts, Sally Struthers, Michael Gough, Lorenzo Music

Baloo and Kit must stop Trader Moe from stealing The Golden Sprocket of Friendship so that Colonel Spigot of Thembria can present it to the Mayor of Cape Suzette.

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Mark Zaslove on DAF Radio Next

For fans that have enjoyed the first three episodes of our new podcast, DAF Radio, you are in for a treat. Disney Afternoon producer and writer Mark Zaslove will be on the next show debuting on September 2, 2014. Also in the next episode will be a tribute to Aladdin: The Series, so don’t miss it! Till then, enjoy a little tease from our next interview below…

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