Lets write Robert Chapek!

The time has come once again to write mass letters to Disney. However this time, we’ll be focused on one man at the Walt Disney Company: the Chairman of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide, Mr. Robert Chapeck!

Why just Mr. Chapeck? Simply put, he is the man in charge of Disney Home Entertainment. He calls the shots and is the one that decides what does and does not get released ultimately.

Now, being as this is one letter we are asking everyone to write, we hope to get a lot of support this time. Here is what you do:

1.) Go here and copy and past one or more of our sample letters on to a word processing program.

2.) Fill in Mr. Capeck’s name and your name at the bottom.

3.) Change the wording or keep it as is. Which ever you prefer.

4.) Print out the letter and mail it to:

Robert Chapek
Chairman of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Please write him between now and Friday of this week. That is to Sept. 30, 2011. You are free to write one or more a day if you wish and that would be very helpful, but all we ask is that you at least write one during the next week.

Once again, if everyone pitches in, we will gain his attention and accomplish our goals! Thanks!

-DAF Radio Staff

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