DAF Retro Review: DUCKTALES: Episode 52 – ‘Duck to the Future’

DAF Radio Corespondent Mikey takes a look back at the classic DuckTales episode, “Duck to the Future” in honor of the show’s 25th Anniversary.

This Month marks the 25th the anniversary of Ducktales. I don’t think Disney or anyone else could have predicted its huge success. With a Theatrical Movie, a spinoff and especially that catchy theme song, it became a much bigger hit then anyone could have predicted. I was born 25 years ago, so when I hear Ducktales was turning 25, I begin to feel very old.

One of my favorite episodes is Duck to the Future.  Huey, Dewy, and Louie have a lemonade stand, but Scrooge gives them advice on how to run it and save money.  As he ponders the boy’s lemonade business, he grows concerned with who will take control of McDuck Enterprises in the future.  Magica DeSpell, always after Scrooge’s Number One Dime, disguises herself as a fortune teller and tricks Scrooge into a one way trip 40 years in the future.  In this future, Scrooge’s nephews are heartless business ducks, and Magica has taken control of his company and apparently the world thanks to his Number One Dime.  Scrooge tries to go back to the past with the senile elderly Gyro Gearloose’s Time Tub (from the previously reviewed episode “Sir Gyro de Gearloose”).  It Crashes into Professor Launchpad McQuack ‘s Crash Course Class.  Scrooge is then thrown into jail, only to be bailed out by an adult version of Webbigail and her Husband Doofus.  Scrooge, realizing he needs to get back to his time period, and that only Magica can get him back, sets off to trick Magica into sending him home.

What I love about Ducktales is how very current the theme in the episodes even in today’s world, 25 years later. This episode is mixed of the film Back to the Future with a dash of It’s a Wonderful Life.  It also shows Scrooge’s ability to grow out of the pure “greedy business mogul” label that seems to be what people first think of when they think of him.  In truth, Scrooge really does have a heart and his character does grow throughout the show, like in this episode.

Today, there are hardly any Disney shows that have the complexity that Ducktales had.  I wish Disney would have released the rest of the series on DVD, especially with the show now marking it’s 25th anniversary.  Thankfully this particular episode can be enjoyed on the currently released DuckTales: Volume Three right HERE.

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