Help us Petition the DMC for more Disney Afternoon!

Disney Afternoon Forever is going to be petitioning the Disney Movie Club for new Disney Afternoon-era titles this Friday, November 30, 2012! But we need your help!

Here is what we are asking:

1.) On Friday (11/30/12), please visit the Disney Movie Club’s official Facebook page.

2.) Then, please write a short comment asking for no more than 3 “Disney Afternoon-era” titles you’d like to see them release. It is VERY important you limited it to just 3 titles this time as long lists won’t be taken as seriously and probably won’t be looked at as closely. Don’t worry, we’ll do this again.

3.) Make sure you mention that Disney Afternoon Forever sent you. Please be nice in the comment.

4.) And that it is! For extra, please share this event with friends and family. If it does well enough, we’ll do this again soon.

THANKS! Let’s go out there and fight for more Disney Afternoon-era titles on DVD. Let’s make sure future generations are able to fully enjoy these classic shows.

If you are not on Facebook, then please instead e-mail the DMC Member Advocate, Priscilla Porter, here at, and let her know what up to three titles you want to see. Please be specific with titles and include dates. My experience is that while she means well, Priscilla doesn’t know every Disney titles and could use all the help she can get to know the exact title(s) you want to see released. Thanks!

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