New Disney Afternoon-era Petition!

The wait is over!  We’ve finally merged the six Disney Afternoon petitions we had been using into one, single petition for all to sign and support.  In addition, this new super petition also includes every show, special and show pilot extended cuts not yet released on DVD.  If you’ve never signed one of our petitions yet, this is the one to sign!

For those that have signed one of our previous six petitions for DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Gummi Bears, Gargoyles or Darkwing Duck, you don’t need to sign this new one.  The signatures from those original six petitions will be added to this new one once we send it off in physical form to Disney Home Entertainment.  However, we do ask that each of you still share this petition with your friends and family so that we can get this sent off soon to Disney.

We need to stress that this petition on its own WILL NOT get any of these titles released on DVD on its own.  Rather, this is a single tool in a larger arsenal that includes letter and e-mail writing, phone calls  word of mouth, new sales of currently released Disney Afternoon titles on DVD, and all other campaign events that we hold.  This petition however, in concert with those other activities  will help us achieve our goals  as well as create a clear definition of what we are after.

We are trying to prove to Disney that these shows still matter, but we can’t do that without help from each and every one of you!  Getting these shows on DVD is the top priority.  However, should we do well with this endeavor, we are interested in petitioning Disney for other areas of interest to feature these shows and characters down the road.  We have every faith that these shows still matter and that there is still a very large base of fans who’d love to enjoy these classic shows once again, and share the with the next generation.  With your support, we can do it!

You can sign this new petition HERE.

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