DMC to Release 54 Episodes of GOOF TROOP on DVD!

Goof Troop Volume OneGoof Troop Volume TwoThanks to member Nadia Russo, we have higher res cover art (at the bottom of this post) for the up-coming Goof Troop DVD releases from Disney Movie Club.  Each volume will be three discs holding 27 episodes each.  With two volumes, that comes out to 54 episodes total!  Goof Troop originally had 79 episodes, so after this release, 25 episodes will be left to be released, meaning that Goof Troop officially will join the ranks of DuckTales, TaleSpin, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Gargoyles, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck with one release from being fully available on DVD.

Still no word on a release date and it’s still only showing up as “Coming Soon” on the Disney Movie Rewards website, but we’ll post as soon as things change.  In the meantime, please sign our Super Petition for the Disney Afternoon-era on DVD.

Goof Troop Volume One Goof Troop Volume Two

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