Join Our DAF Dog Days of Summer DVD Campaign!

DAF Dog Days of Summer LogoIt has been over a year since a Disney TV Animation title has been released on DVD via the Disney Movie Club and so far only one DCM DVD Exclusive released at all this year. As we wind down with these “Dog Days of Summer”, the time has come once again to petition the Disney Movie Club for more Disney Afternoon on DVD!

Here is what we’d like you to do:

1.) On Friday (08/08/14), please either visit the Disney Movie Club’s official Facebookpage or tweet to “@disneymovieclub” on Twitter.

2.) Then, copy and past this message and fill in three titles you’d like to see on DVD:

I want ___________ on DVD! 

3.) Use hash tags like #Bonkers or #GoofTroopVol4. More examples are below. Please be nice in the comment.

4.) And that’s it! For fans who want to go the extra mile, please share this event with friends and family.

THANKS! Let’s go out there and fight for more Disney Afternoon-era titles on DVD. Let’s make sure future generations are able to fully enjoy these classic shows.

Hash Tag Examples:

#TheWuzzles #Wuzzles #GummiBearsVol2 #FluppyDogs #SportGoofy #DuckTalesVol4 #RescueRangersVol3 #NewAdventuresOfWinnieThePooh #LittleMermaidTAS #DarkwingDuckVol3 #GoofTroopVol3 #RawToonage #Marsupilami #Bonkers #AladdinTAS #GargoylesSeason3 #TimonAndPumbaa #SchnookumsAndMeat #QuackPack #MightyDucksTAS

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