Head Host Messages: What New DA DVD’s Means

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binära optioner stockpair TaleSpin Volume 3 Disc 2, Menu 1As we’ve reported over the last few days, new Disney Afternoon titles are in stock right now at your local Wal-Mart stores. If you don’t see them there yet, check back later as they probably haven’t been stocked yet at your specific store. If for whatever reason you don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart, that’s OK, in a few moths these same titles will be released via other retail outlets and are being sold as pre-orders on Amazon.com. Here is the endgame with all of this however: while we continue to encourage you to join a number of fan campaigns that we run to convince Disney Home Entertainment to release what has not yet been released on DVD from the early years of Disney TV Animation, there is no single act that will help that reality from taking place better than buying what has been released already.




What does this mean? It’s very simple really, it means if you want to see Darkwing Duck: Volume 3 for example, you need to buy the recently released Goof Troop titles. If you want to see DuckTales: Volume 4, better make sure you pick up DuckTales: The Movie, and so-on and so forth. While we are not privileged to see the sales numbers nor have an exact number of how many units sold Disney expects from these titles, it is clear that what was a year-ago Disney Movie Club Exclusives made available to a smaller number of fans has sold well enough that Disney feels more confident in making whatever amount of money back they expect to via retail channels. It means even though they gave up originally on Disney Afternoon shows on DVD about 6-years-ago, they are giving us another chance. If these new titles and the original batch of titles from 6+ years ago start selling well enough, you can be sure we’ll see more of the cartoons we all love make it to DVD. It means that we are seeing a possible comeback for the Disney Afternoon, and all of you not only get to be part of it, but get to help impact the parameters for how massive this come back turns out.

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http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=the-office-michael-dating-pam%27s-mom&298=61 So, even if you already have the titles you want, strongly consider buying more as gifts. With the Holidays coming, this is the perfect chance to share your love of these classic cartoons with the next generation or fellow Disney Afternerds. At around $10 each, these are very much priced to buy now. We are anticipating that new titles may be coming from the Disney Movie Club at some point soon, but regardless of that happening or not, these six new titles (DuckTales: The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 2, Goof Troop: Volume One & Goof Troop: Volume Two, TaleSpin: Volume Three and Have Yourselves A Goofy Little Christmas) are right now the front and center focus. Consider this as well, if these six titles sell well enough it may even be possible that the next batch of classic Disney TV cartoons on DVD might skip the DMC altogether and go straight to retail. Either way, we’ve been handed as a fanbase a second chance to make the Disney Afternoon relevant again. Let’s not waste that chance as it may never come again.

-Jason M. Schlierman
Head Host, DAF Radio

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