New DA DVDs Hit Retail Today

DA DVD at Target 2-13-15Today is the day that the new Disney Afternoon titles on DVD are released in general retail in the United States. They remain available at local Walt-Mart stores, and now have been spotted at other brick-and-mortar and internet based stores. DuckTales: The Movie and TaleSpin: Volume 3 have already been spotted at a local Target store in Culver City, CA for $9.99 each as shown in the attached image.

Fans that wish to shop from Amazon can use the following links to pick up DuckTales: The Movie, TaleSpin: Volume 3, Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas, Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 2, Goof Troop: Volume 1 and Goof Troop: Volume 2. All are listed at $9.99 each except for Goof Troop: Volume 2, which is listed at $14.99.

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