An Update on Darkwing Duck in Disney Infinity

Darkwing Duck Disney Infinity CampaignDisney Afternerds have been clamoring for a while now for news at a possible Darkwing Duck addition to the Disney game Disney Infinity. While there are no new reports on the chracter being added, Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi did offer up this story in a recent Disney Infinity update:

“I was having an argument with John Blackburn about a character for an upcoming project that we are supporting inside of Disney Infinity 3.0. And John said to me, ‘I would rather do Darkwing Duck than the character you are proposing’. (JV then chuckles).  All of the sudden, he really put me back on my heels because in the midst of a heated argument about a character, he dangles one that is so close and personal to me as one that we could officially bring”

So there you have it Disney Afternerds, clearly The Terror that Flaps in the Night is at least being mentioned in some capacity behind the scenes. With DW’s 25th Anniversary coming next year, hopeful Disney Infinity will help celebrate with a Darkwing Disney Infinity playable figure. Till then, read John’s full update right HERE.

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