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UPDATED: MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL and A VERY MERRY POOH YEAR will be released on Blu-ray this Christmas season!

UPDATE: has now listed both ‘Mickey’ and ‘Pooh’ for pre-order. We’ve updated the ‘Mickey’ cover art in order to provide a clearer view.

While Disney shorts have been released as bonus features on past sets for feature length productions, and with the exception of Pixar shorts, and a European release last year, Disney shorts have been absent from the Blu-ray market. Well, now everyone can mark their calendars because Disney will be releasing two new collections this winter in preparation for the Christmas season. has listed the releases as following:

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Sega and Disney to Release CASTLE OF ILLUSION Remake this Summer

Hot off the heals of the Ducktales: Remastered announcement, Disney and Sega has released a new trailer for what looks like a remake of  the popular 1990s game Castle of Illusion. The title should be familiar to Disney gamers, as a reboot/sequel/tribute game was released as Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion during the 2013 Christmas season.  The original game was developed by Sega and was released back in 1990 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Master Systems, followed by a 1991 release on the Sega handheld system Game Gear.

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NEWS: The Weekenders hits DVD!

[UPDATE]We can now confirm that indeed The Weekenders are coming to DVD via the Disney Movie Club.  Volume One will include the first 20 episodes while Volume Two will cover the final 19 episodes, making The Weekenders the first Disney TV Animation show to be fully released onto DVD.  Each volume are showing a $19.99 price and are available for pre-order on the Disney Movie Club website.  Cover art is shown below as well as the product summary from both volumes as listed from the Disney Movie Club.

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‘Doug’s First Movie’ joins the Disney Exclusive line today!

Disney’s 1999 big screen adaptation of their popular TV program Disney’s Doug (1996-1999) will finally be released via the Disney Exclusive line from Disney Movie Club. Sadly the film will be presented in a 1:33:1 aspect ratio (full screen), not preserving the original widescreen ratio most certainly provided during it’s theatrical release. No word on bonus features, however we suspect this will be a bare-bones release.

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