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DAF Radio Season 2 Coming Soon

Our flagship podcast, DAF Radio, is on a hiatus right now as we get things ready for our second season and will return this summer 2015. Due to unforeseen issues, what was going to be the last two interviews of season one have been moved to the new season. Expect interviews from voice actors Bill Farmer, Katie Leigh and more as well as producers Jymn Magon, Tad Stones, Frank Paur, writer Libby Hinson, sound editor Rick Hinson, music producer Bambi Moe, song writers Michael and Patty Silversher and many, many more. Fans will also be able to be part of the action as we hope to feature guest co-hosts picked from you the fans. If you’d like to be a guest co-host on DAF Radio, please send a message to us at and let us know why you should be on the show.

Is the DUCKTALES Cast Returning?

Some sad news for fans of the original 1987 DuckTales. It seems that original Launchpad voice actor Terry McGovern commented on his Facebook profiles that Disney is casting a brand new cast for the up-coming DuckTales reboot. It is unknown as of right now how far the casting process is or who will be cast into the new roles, but it would seem that not a single member of the original cast will be returning, thus making 2011’s DuckTales: Remastered probably the last time the surviving members of the original cast will be heard together.

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