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Head Host Message: Podcast Delays DAF Radio Logo

source url My fellow Disney Afternerds,

enter Some of you may have noticed that there has not been a new episode of our podcast released in over two months. I felt I should take a moment to explain why that is and what fans can expect in the future. The reasons are a bit personal and while I normally prefer to keep my personal life separate from my public life, in this instance I feel the need to make an exception. To get straight to the heart of the matter, my father is very sick. I won’t go into all of the details, but he needs a liver transplant and has been getting very weak over the last several months. As anyone who has any experience with such situations knows, it has been a very emotional and challenging time for my family.
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Head Host Messages: Send Us An E-Mail; No More FB PMs

source link Starting today, October 8, 2015, we here at DAF Radio (Disney Afternoon Forever for all you out in Facebook-land) will no longer be taking private messages via our Facebook page. Instead we direct fans, professionals, Disney contacts or media who wish to privately message us to do so via our e-mail. That e-mail address is

jack daniels opções binarias We thank everyone for their consideration and understanding and look forward to supporting and surfing the Disney Afternoon fan community more in the future. -Jason M. Schlierman, Head Host, DAF Radio

Head Host Messages: What New DA DVD’s Means TaleSpin Volume 3 Disc 2, Menu 1As we’ve reported over the last few days, new Disney Afternoon titles are in stock right now at your local Wal-Mart stores. If you don’t see them there yet, check back later as they probably haven’t been stocked yet at your specific store. If for whatever reason you don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart, that’s OK, in a few moths these same titles will be released via other retail outlets and are being sold as pre-orders on Here is the endgame with all of this however: while we continue to encourage you to join a number of fan campaigns that we run to convince Disney Home Entertainment to release what has not yet been released on DVD from the early years of Disney TV Animation, there is no single act that will help that reality from taking place better than buying what has been released already.

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Head Host Messages: Notes from LBCC 2014

Handla Cialis på nätet Head Host Jason at the Disney Afternoon BoothThe 2014 Long Beach Comic Con in downtown Long Beach, CA proved to be the place to be this last weekend for all things Disney Afternoon. What started out as a small event six years ago continues to grow each year and has become not only a great place for Disney Afternerds and general comic geeks alike, but for families and anyone looking for a fun event in the Greater Los Angeles area. This year, Disney Afternerds were treated to not one, but two DA-based panels and a signing booth where fans could get autographs from their favorite Disney Afternoon personalities. Continue Reading →

Head Admin Message: What’s In A Name?

forex day trading chat room OpenVaultDisneyOpenVaultDisneyDAF RadioOpen Vault DisneySince 2010 when we originally launched Open Vault Disney, there has been confusion by some (and rightfully so!) over various name changes and campaign focuses from our little group. We thought now might be a perfect time to explain how our organization runs, so everyone is on board. Our number one goal has been and always will be the public release of Disney titles not yet released. However in the last year, we’ve started to add things like “animation historian” to our cap. Here is the break down:

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