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Vote for Darkwing Duck in Disney Infinity: Round 2!

Once again the action figure/ video game hybrid game Disney Infinity has released a poll on the Oh My Disney blog asking fans to help choose the next Disney character to be added as a playable character in the new 3.0 release of the game. Disney Afternoon’s very own Darkwing Duck is an option and we are asking each of you to please visit the poll and vote for Darkwing!

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Head Host Messages: Send Us An E-Mail; No More FB PMs

Starting today, October 8, 2015, we here at DAF Radio (Disney Afternoon Forever for all you out in Facebook-land) will no longer be taking private messages via our Facebook page. Instead we direct fans, professionals, Disney contacts or media who wish to privately message us to do so via our e-mail. That e-mail address is

We thank everyone for their consideration and understanding and look forward to supporting and surfing the Disney Afternoon fan community more in the future.

-Jason M. Schlierman,

Head Host, DAF Radio

DAF Radio Podcast to Return

After an unexpected winter hiatus, new episodes of our podcast DAF Radio will return this month. Expect interviews with Quack Pack composer J. Eric Schmit, Disney Afternoon producer Jymn Magon, Gargoyles voice actor Thom Adcox as well as audio from our first ever event DAF Radio: LIVE! and our first ever podcasters roundtable to finish out season one this coming Spring. Season Two will then come back this summer with interviews from producer Tad Stones, song writers Michael and Patty Silversher, writers Len Uhley and Libby Hinson, and many more to come! Keep it here at DAF Radio for all things Disney Afternoon and beyond.

New DA DVDs Hit Retail Today

DA DVD at Target 2-13-15Today is the day that the new Disney Afternoon titles on DVD are released in general retail in the United States. They remain available at local Walt-Mart stores, and now have been spotted at other brick-and-mortar and internet based stores. DuckTales: The Movie and TaleSpin: Volume 3 have already been spotted at a local Target store in Culver City, CA for $9.99 each as shown in the attached image.

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