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Return of Jafar & King of Thieves Coming to Blu-ray

In the most promising bit of news on the Disney Afternoon on DVD/Blu-ray home front in a while, it has been confirmed that The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves are coming to Blu-ray next week! As has been confirmed twice in our own podcast DAF Radio, both in episode 13 and 16, The Return of Jafar was originally the first few episodes of Aladdin: The Series that were instead repackaged as the first in a long line of Disney direct-to-video films.  Aladdin and the King of Thieves served as the end of production project for the show, so both are possibly the closest anything from The Disney Afternoon might ever get to a Blu-ray release.

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Want to Buy DMC DVD’s Without Joining the DMC? Now You Can!

Goof Troop Volume OneWe have big news for Disney fans that want to enjoy Disney Movie Club Exclusive DVD’s without joing the Disney Movie Club.  We just found out that Disney Home Entertainment has set up an official Disney run shop on eBay, and they are selling copies of Disney Movie Club Exclusive titles there!

This is a great way to pick up Exclusives without the need to join the Disney Movie Club.  All you will need instead is an eBay account.  But hurry, each title sold currently only has a limited supply and once they are each sold, there is no telling right if they will be re-stocked or not.  Hopefully, this shop is here to stay, as are the various titles, but we have no word on that either way, so make sure to pick up your favorites from this list soon!  The complete list is below (Disney Afternoon and One Saturday Morning titles in BOLD).

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TaleSpin: Volume Three Review

Original Air Dates: February 8, 1991 – August 8, 1991 / Running Time: 251 min. / Rating: Not Rated (TV-Y Equivalent)Supervising Producer: Jymn Magon, Mark Zaslove / Associate Producer: Ken Tsumura
Producer/Directors: Jamie Mitchell, Robert Taylor, Ed Ghertner, Larry Latham
Regular Writers: Steve Roberts, Mark Edens, Michael Edens, Julia Jane Lewald, Chuck Tately, Steve Sustaric, Libby Hinson, Mark Zaslove / Story Editors: Ken Koonce, David Wiemers, Duane Capizzi, Karl GeursVoice Cast: Ed Gilbert (Baloo, others), R.J. Williams (Kit Cloudkicker), Sally Struthers (Rebecca Cunningham), Jim Cummings (Louie, Don Karnage, others), Tony Jay (Shere Khan), Pat Fraley (Wildcat, others), Michael Gough (Colonel Spigot), Janna Michaels (Molly Cunningham), Lorenzo Music (Sergeant “Dundy” Dunder), Chuck McCann (Assorted), Jack Angel (Assorted), Charlie Adler (Assorted), Frank Welker (Assorted), Michael Bell (Assorted), Hamilton Camp (Assorted)By: Jason Schlierman Continue Reading →

Tips on Joining the Disney Movie Club

Disney Movie ClubIn light of the recent news about new TaleSpin and Gargoyles releases, as well as previous releases this year for The Weekenders and Goof Troop, may Disney fans, especially fans of Disney TV shows may feel that now is the time to finally join the Disney Movie Club. However, some may feel they need help joining and navigating the DMC.  We here at Disney Afternoon Forever are here to help you out!  Please feel free to use these tips below to help you get the most out of a Disney Movie Club membership.

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