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DAF Radio Ad 3With this article, officially launches as the home of Disney Afternoon Forever (DAF), the biggest Disney TV animation fan site/DVD campaign on the net. Previous articles from the DAF predecessor Open Vault Disney have been added to launch this new site with a much-needed spring-board to launch from. Look for new news posts, interviews, articles, and reviews in the days, months and years ahead and join us for the launch of our up-coming podcast, D.A.F. Radio.

Sega and Disney to Release CASTLE OF ILLUSION Remake this Summer

Hot off the heals of the Ducktales: Remastered announcement, Disney and Sega has released a new trailer for what looks like a remake of  the popular 1990s game Castle of Illusion. The title should be familiar to Disney gamers, as a reboot/sequel/tribute game was released as Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion during the 2013 Christmas season.  The original game was developed by Sega and was released back in 1990 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Master Systems, followed by a 1991 release on the Sega handheld system Game Gear.

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