NEWS: The Weekenders hits DVD!

[UPDATE]We can now confirm that indeed The Weekenders are coming to DVD via the Disney Movie Club.  Volume One will include the first 20 episodes while Volume Two will cover the final 19 episodes, making The Weekenders the first Disney TV Animation show to be fully released onto DVD.  Each volume are showing a $19.99 price and are available for pre-order on the Disney Movie Club website.  Cover art is shown below as well as the product summary from both volumes as listed from the Disney Movie Club.

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Help Us Catalog the Disney Afternoon on DVD!

We are trying to create a catalog of every DVD release for the various Disney Afternoon shows for each country they have been released in.  Of course, getting a list for releases in the United States is easy for us, but we need help knowing what’s been released in other countries.  So, if you’d like to see the Disney Afternoon shows that have been released on DVD in your country appear on our list, please send us a message, and let us know about them.  Thanks!