DAF Retro Review: DUCKTALES: Episode 52 – ‘Duck to the Future’

watch http://melroth.com/?komp=testimonianze-opzioni-binarie&460=7e testimonianze opzioni binarie DAF Radio Corespondent Mikey takes a look back at the classic DuckTales episode, “Duck to the Future” in honor of the show’s 25th Anniversary.

http://captainaugust.com/?koooas=opzioni-digitali-approvate-consob&0fe=bc This Month marks the 25th the anniversary of Ducktales. I don’t think Disney or anyone else could have predicted its huge success. With a Theatrical Movie, a spinoff and especially that catchy theme song, it became a much bigger hit then anyone could have predicted. I was born 25 years ago, so when I hear Ducktales was turning 25, I begin to feel very old.

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DAF Retro Review: DUCKTALES: Episode 17 – ‘Sir Gyro de Gearloose’

make big money with binary options follow link DAF Radio Head Admin Jason Schlierman takes a look back at the classic DuckTales episode, “Sir Gyro de Gearloose” in honor of the show’s 25th Anniversary.

http://www.androidnewsheads.com/?tylymba=bin%C3%A4re-option-template&233=64 There are a number of DuckTales enthusiasts that will tell you despite there being 100 episodes to the show, only the first 65 are the ones that are any good.  Most likely, this has a lot to do with the inclusion of Bubba the Caveduck and GizmoDuck in the latter episodes, but while it’s up to each individual fan to decide if they agree with this feeling, there is a lot to say about the slight difference in tone from the earlier episodes to the final ones.

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DAF Retro Review: DUCKTALES: Episode 92 – ‘The Masked Mallard’

follow link DAF Radio Head Admin Jason Schlierman takes a look back at the classic DuckTales episode, “The Masked Mallard” in honor of the show’s 25th Anniversary.

enter DuckTales has long been one of my favorite cartoons of all time.  Not just of “Disney” cartoons, but the entire animation cannon.  One of the things that I’ve always liked about the show (just like the original Carl Barks comics that the show is based on) is how many different kinds of genres are explored in each new story.  One of the many genres DuckTales explores is the comic book super hero genre, which is a favorite of mine.  Now, while normally the super hero on the show was GizmoDuck (who of course later crossed over to the DuckTales spin-off, Darkwing Duck), in one episode, Scrooge McDuck himself was the super hero.  That episode, “The Masked Mallard,” is the subject of this DAF Retro Review.

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Get Ready for “DuckTales” Month!

http://reuelmusic.com/?jdsksd=operzioni-binarie&e57=41 As Disney fans may or may not know, this coming September 18, 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of the beloved Disney tv cartoon series, DuckTales.  We here at DAF Radio are huge DuckTales fans, to the point that in large part, it was our desire to get the last 25 episodes of this show on DVD that caused us to create DAF Radio in the first place.  It hold a very special place in our hearts, and we are excited to do our part in celebrating this momentous occasion.

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‘Doug’s First Movie’ joins the Disney Exclusive line today!

Disney’s 1999 big screen adaptation of their popular TV program Disney’s Doug (1996-1999) will finally be released via the Disney Exclusive line from Disney Movie Club. Sadly the film will be presented in a 1:33:1 aspect ratio (full screen), not preserving the original widescreen ratio most certainly provided during it’s theatrical release. No word on bonus features, however we suspect this will be a bare-bones release.

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Disney Movie Club to Release ‘Doug’s First Movie’ on DVD for the First Time!

Doug's First MovieFor July, The Disney Movie Club will release their latest title in the Disney Exclusive line of DVDs. This time we get the theatrical feature, Doug’s 1st Movie based on the characters from Disney’s Brand Spankin’ New Doug. The studio has given us the following summary:

Available to own 7/20/12 

Doug and his best friend Skeeter have discovered a monster living in Lucky Duck Lake. And all Doug can think about is showing it off to his secret crush Patti and taking her to the school Dance. But what should he do when it mysteriously disappears on the night of the dance? Should he save the town or be with Patti? First time on DVD, Doug’s 1st Movie is a funny and heartwarming story that proves doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

No word on aspect ratio, or potential bonus features.