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DuckTales Comic; Joe Books Ongoing Titles Coming

DuckTales Cinestory Volume OneA lot of big news has been coming out recently from comic book publisher Joe Books. Earlier this week came word of Darkwing Duck‘s return to comics, but today foresees a return of sorts to comics for DuckTales. In February, Joe Books will release DuckTales Cinestory Vol. 1 with covers by Sabrina Alberghetti. Also in February, Joe books will release Cinestory comics for The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, and in a Joe Books first, release the first issue in an all new ongoing comic title based on Amy Memberson’s long running web-comic Pocket Princess. This new title will simply go by the name “Disney Princesses.” Of further interest and speculation for Disney Afternerds, however, is the promise of more new, ongoing comics from Joe Books in March. Might this be the month that fans will finally get dangerous? Stay tooned, Disney Afternerds, as more information comes forth!

Are New Disney Afternoon Comics Coming Soon?

Based on some cryptic and not so very cryptic tweets from various talent over at Joe Books, it would seem that finally the answer is yes, new Disney Afternoon comics are coming soon. It started with writer Aaron Sparrow and artists James Silvani hyping up their much awaited Darkwing Duck revival. Earlier this year, new comer publisher Joe Books re-released most of the BOOM! Studios Darkwing Duck comics from five years ago in a handy omnibus with news that a brand new series would follow, picking up where the BOOM! stories left off. Sadly the new series never came this year. Now it would seem the project is back on with an announcement of when the first issue will hit newsstands and comics book stores coming very soon!

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DAF Radio – Episode 9: An Interview With J. Eric Schmidt

Episode Nine, the one with Romance! Make sure you attend the Long Beach Comic Expo and Order the Darkwing Duck Omnibus, Looking back at Baloo and Rebecca from TaleSpin and an interview with Quack Pack composer J. Eric Schmidt. Finishing out as always with Fan Answers.

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