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DAF Radio – Episode 9: An Interview With J. Eric Schmidt

Episode Nine, the one with Romance! Make sure you attend the Long Beach Comic Expo and Order the Darkwing Duck Omnibus, Looking back at Baloo and Rebecca from TaleSpin and an interview with Quack Pack composer J. Eric Schmidt. Finishing out as always with Fan Answers.

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DAF Radio Holiday Shopping Guide 2014

So it’s the 2014 Holiday Season and you want ideas on what to buy that Disney Afternerd in your life but are not sure what the best gift ideas are? Have no fear, the DAF Radio Holiday Shopping Guide 2014 is here! We’ll help guide you to the best Disney Afternoon based gifts online and in stores this Holiday Season.

While there may not be as much merchandise from our favorite Disney Afternoon shows as there was in the 1980’s and 90’s when these shows were brand new, there are still a number great new merchandise to buy today that has been produced for fans of these classic shows.

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