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DAF Retro Review: DARKWING DUCK: Episode 3 – ‘Beauty and the Beet’

Don't let their glasses fool you, these guys are not the sharpest crayons in the pack!Neverland Podcast Host Jeremy takes a look back at the Bushroot origin story from Darkwing Duck in, “Beauty and the Beet”.

Original Broadcast: 9 September 1991 (USA)

Director:Writer: John Behnke, Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson / Cast: Jim Cummings, Dave Thomas S. Scott Bullock, Jennifer Darling, Tino Insana, Terence McGovern, Frank Welker

Dr. Reggie Bushroot, after being unfairly fired from his research job at St. Canard University, experiments on himself becoming a plant/duck hybrid. Set on revenge against his tormentors, Bushroot will battle anyone who stands in his way. Will Darkwing Duck be able to stop Dr. Bushroot from his villainous reign of terror?

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DAF Retro Review: RAW TOONAGE: Episode 12a – ‘Gobble Gobble Bonkers’

Can Bonkers find a turkey in time for Thanksgiving?DAF Head Host Jason takes a look back at the classic Raw Toonage short, “Gobble Gobble Bonkers”.

Original Broadcast: 5 December 1992 (USA)

Director: David Block Writer: Terrie Collins, Mina Johnson, Tom Minton, Ralph Sanchez, Robert Schechter / Cast: Jim Cummings, Jeff Bennett, Rodger Bumpass, Nancy Cartwright, Steve Mackall, Dave Thomas

Pilgrim Grumbles comes up with an idea for the first Thanksgiving Feast and sends Pilgrim Bonkers to fetch a turkey to eat for this feast. But when Bonkers comes back with Pilgrim Jitters’ favorite turkey, Talula, thinking that the bird will be a guest to dinner instead of dinner, can Bonkers fix his mistake and rescue poor Talula before it’s too late?

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DAF Retro Review: CHIP ‘N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS: Episode 22 – ‘Ghost of a Chance’

Who is that mysterious mouse?DAF Retro Review Special Contributor Chris takes a look back at the classic Rescue Rangers episode, “Ghost of a Chance”.

Original Broadcast: 10 October 1989 (USA)

Director: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni Writer: Art Cover, Bryce Malek, Lydia Marano / Cast: Corey Burton, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille

Hot on his trail, the Rescue Rangers have come to London, England to stop Fat Cat, who has developed a plan to steal the Crown Jewels of Britain from the Tower of London. Once in England, the Rescue Rangers encounter a ghost of one of Monterey Jack’s ancestors and discover that Monterey has to perform one brave deed in order to allow his ancestor’s spirit to rest. Can Monterey help his departed family member while helping the team defeat Fat Cat in time?

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DAF Retro Review: CHIP ‘N’ DALE: RESCUE RANGERS: Episode 4 – ‘Flash The Wonder Dog’

Flash The Wonder Dog and some new friendsDAF Retro Review Special Contributor Chris takes a look back at the classic Rescue Rangers episode, “Flash The Wonder Dog”.

Original Broadcast: 19 March 1989 (USA)

Director: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni, Alan Zaslove (supervising director)/ Writer: Buzz Dixon (story/teleplay), David Wise (teleplay) / Cast:  Corey Burton, Tress MacNeille, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen

To make the beloved television star Flash the Wonder Dog look bad, Fat Cat and his gang of henchmen disguise themselves to look like him and perform random acts of badness. Soon after the town sees Flash as a ‘bad dog’, the studio replaces him with his feathered sidekick, Conrad. While these events are taking place, Dale gets a sad but surprising meeting with his TV hero, only to discover the difference between fact and fiction. Can the Rescue Rangers save the day?

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