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OPINION: Disney Movie Club has Dropped the Ball on “Exclusives” DVDs

Disney Movie ClubIf you are like me and a member of the Disney Movie Club, chances are the only reason you are a member of the DMC is for their DVD Exclusives. These of course are titles Disney Home Entertainment for whatever reason feel just might not sell enough volumes to warrant a traditional retail release, but might do well enough to attract would-be-customers to their DVD and Blu-ray by-mail-club. And let’s be honest, the Exclusives are an important part of the club. It’s a hard sell to many to join a by-mail-club if the only stock you have are retail titles that fans can get faster and cheaper at their local Target or Wal-Mart stores. For Disney’s part, they really want customers to pick up their copies of Frozen or The Force Awakens from the DMC instead of at Target or Wal-Mart, as they are able to cut out the middle man that way and keep more of the profits. The idea with the Exclusive really then is if you are already ordering a title like The Weekenders on DVD from the DMC online, you might be more willing to just add Frozen to your shopping cart as well. And of course if you are a member, again only joining for the Exclusives, you also might forget to reject the “movie of the month” title even after you end up charged and the film comes to your door step, not caring enough to send it back. So really, the Exclusives are a BIG deal to the DMC business model as they help to attract and retain customers. Here however is where the DMC is dropping the ball with their Exclusives: They are not capitalizing on the 90’s nostalgia movement.

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Disney Channel Streaming DTVA for Christmas

Bonkers Miracle at the 34th PrecinctAs part of their “Falalalidays,” Disney Channel is streaming Christmas episodes from Disney TV Animation favorites from The Disney Afternoon and One Saturday Morning. No word on how long the episodes will be streaming, but our best guest is at least for the rest of 2015. A big thanks to Disney Afternerd Andrew S. for passing this information along. Fans can find the following episodes below:

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Are New Disney Afternoon Comics Coming Soon?

Based on some cryptic and not so very cryptic tweets from various talent over at Joe Books, it would seem that finally the answer is yes, new Disney Afternoon comics are coming soon. It started with writer Aaron Sparrow and artists James Silvani hyping up their much awaited Darkwing Duck revival. Earlier this year, new comer publisher Joe Books re-released most of the BOOM! Studios Darkwing Duck comics from five years ago in a handy omnibus with news that a brand new series would follow, picking up where the BOOM! stories left off. Sadly the new series never came this year. Now it would seem the project is back on with an announcement of when the first issue will hit newsstands and comics book stores coming very soon!

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Enjoy the Full DAF Radio Panel at Comikaze 2015

Presented here in its entirety is the full DAF Radio panel at Comikaze 2015 celebrating 25 years of The Disney Afternoon Block. The panel took place on November 1, 2015 at 2pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. DAF Radio Head Host Jason moderated the panel that consisted of (from left to right) voice actress Katie Leigh, music executive Bambi Moé, producer Jymn Magon, writter Len Uhley, voice actor Jim Cummings, producer Bill Kopp and with a special appearance by singer Jeff Pescetto.